Best 4 Scholarships for Girls Students in India

After a long history of being regarded as weak, the women in India are flourishing in modern times. Technology plays a vital role in enhancing the lives of people. The education sector uses more technology to make learning interesting and accessible than ever before. Also, developments in the field of education and technology influence people’s lives and shape the overall perception of society and its members. As a result, gender biases and other such social evils cease to exist in society. However, several other factors may affect the development of women. One of the factors is the financial conditions. Poor financial conditions can have adverse effects on the opportunities available to women. In many rural areas, girl children do not receive adequate educational facilities due to financial constraints. Therefore, the idea of providing scholarships to assist girls’ education took root. Scholarships in India work to strengthen the educational background of the girls. Various types of scholarship programs in India are solely available for girls. Any scholarship in India can help parents meet the financial requirements of their girl children’s education.

In our blog on Scholarships Online For Girl Students In India, we mentioned some of the most important scholarships in India that girl students can avail. Read on to know about some more scholarships online that sponsor girls education in India.

Scholarships for Girls Students in India

1. Clinic Plus Scholarship:

The Clinic Plus Scholarship is for girls studying in classes 5 to 12. It is an initiative of Clinic Plus, a brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited. The brand runs a campaign with the name ‘M se Maa, Maa se Mazbooti’, under which this scholarship in India is available. The main aim of this scholarship program is to help mothers support their daughters with the help of financial aids for education. Thus, the focus of this online scholarship for girls students is to empower mothers to encourage their daughters to study and reduce the school dropout rates. In India, many mothers are unable to support their daughters in terms of education due to financial constraints. This scholarship in India allows these mothers an opportunity to uplift their daughters and give them the gift of education.

The eligibility criteria for applying to this scholarship program requires that the must have a score of:
Minimum of 90% marks with one extra-curricular activity, OR
Minimum of 80% marks with two extra-curricular activities, OR
Minimum of 70% marks with three extra-curricular activities, OR
Minimum of 60% marks with 4 extra-curricular activities
The Clinic Plus Scholarship Program disburses a scholarship of INR 20,000 to a maximum of 50 applicants after shortlisting the candidates.

2. DST Women Scientist Fellowship (WOS-B):

Science and technology play an important role in the development of society. It is a field open to all. However, the gender biases that exist in the country curb opportunities for women and prevent them from entering into the world of technology. On the other hand, the women who step into the technological field do not get enough opportunities and recognition to showcase their abilities. Here, the DST Women Scientist Fellowship (WOS-B) comes to the rescue.

This scholarship in India focuses on uplifting women scientists by providing them opportunities to showcase their talent and ideas. Women scientists wishing to apply for this scholarship scheme need to develop a project or proposal with unique ideas. However, the project or proposal must focus on technological development preferably enhancing the quality of life. Also, the proposal must bring out the societal benefits it focuses on and have the potential for sustainable income generation. Additionally, the project must work to enhance the quality of life and aim at building women capacities at the grassroots level. Once the proposal is ready, the women scientists need to submit it online on the Women Scientist Scheme portal. The applicants can get a scholarship of INR 31,000 to INR 55,000 per month, depending on the project they choose.

3. UGAM – Legrand Scholarship Program:

Pursuing a career in the fields of engineering and architecture is a dream of numerous girls. However, there is a perception that these fields are only suitable for boys. Even the families do not promote girls' education as much as they promote boys. The dreams of the girl children do not matter in comparison to the boys. Also, society gives less importance to girls and regards them as weak. It further uproots their confidence and shatters their dreams, also curbing the opportunities they receive. Therefore, several scholarships in India solely support girls to pursue their dreams and flourish in the field they want to pursue. The Legrand Scholarship Program is one such scholarship.

Legrand is an electrical and digital building infrastructure company working to light up the homes and support women. As a women empowerment initiative, the Legrand Scholarship Program encourages meritorious girls to pursue careers in architecture and engineering. The aim is to create future technology leaders and create a promising future for women. Under this scholarship in India, academically good girl students can get a scholarship of INR 60,000 per annum or a waiver in the tuition fees for up to 60%. The fee waiver or scholarship amount is applicable and available for the entire duration of the B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch programme. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship in India is that the girl child must be an Indian scoring minimum of 75% marks in Class 10 and12 Board examinations. The total family income must be less than 5 lac from all sources. Candidates can apply to this scholarship programme through online scholarship websites.

4. Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship:

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is working to bring about a new era in science and technology. The Internet facilitates further development to better serve the users. Creative professionals, developers and scientific researchers work together to provide solutions to daily life problems with the help of technology. Teamwork is the key to creating the best products and solutions. At the same time, diversity in a team is essential to come up with the most appropriate outcomes. The Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship works to bring gender diversity to the technology industry.

The Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship recognizes exceptional females pursuing undergraduate and master’s courses. The courses may include artificial intelligence/machine learning, data science, computer science or mobile/web development. Another noteworthy feature of this scholarship program is that it is available to all women, irrespective of their nationality. Girls students qualifying for this scholarship in India get funding towards their university tuition fees and an opportunity to join the Summer Internship at Adobe India. Additionally, girls students can get mentorship from a senior technology leader from Adobe and a chance to travel to Grace Hopper Conference India with complete coverage of the participation fees.