Merit-Based Scholarships: Types of Scholarships for Students in India

Education and learning are two different concepts that go hand-in-hand. Education refers to the process of providing knowledge or skills to an individual to bring about behavioural change. However, learning is a life-long process. It takes place from birth and continues till the end of life. Various schools and educational institutions in India focus on providing education. The fact that few of them focus on learning is heartbreaking. Also, the education process sometimes becomes tedious, so students begin to lose the motivation to learn. At this time, scholarships for students in India act as a nudge to get students back on the learning track. There are various types of scholarships in India. Merit-based scholarships are the most prominent type of scholarship for students. Let us learn more about merit-based scholarships in India and other types of scholarships and concepts that relate to them.

Merit-Based Scholarships in India

Merit-based scholarships are to award students with exceptional academic performance. Various organizations offer these types of scholarships in India to serve different organizational purposes. The Government of India proposes merit-based scholarships for school students to encourage them to continue education and perform well. However, this education scholarship in India is also available for college students. The common motive of this type of education scholarship is to motivate students to pursue higher studies. Additionally, the rank achievers get recognition for their efforts in learning. It helps provide intrinsic motivation to proceed further and achieve higher learning outcomes.

Various scholarships for Indian students come under the category of merit-based scholarships. However, not every scholarship is available yearly. Also, some scholarships address a group of students studying in a particular school or educational institution. For instance, several scholarships for high school students in India are available in Government and private schools. Some schools offer scholarships to students scoring the highest marks in the class, while others offer it as an award, like the Student of the Year Award. However, the frequency of the offerings entirely depends upon the organization that presents them.

Some educational institutions and organizations offer monthly scholarships in India. For instance, Auro Scholar offers monthly micro-scholarships for Indian school students. The concept of micro-scholarships is the newest development in education and educational aids. (Read more about micro-scholarships below.)

Monthly Scholarships for Students in India

Monthly scholarships for Indian students are chiefly available for recognizing the daily learning efforts of the students. Usually, organizations take a long time to disburse scholarships for school students in India. Although this method to award students is effective, they may lose motivation to study in the long run. The reason behind it is that the attention span of students is short. They lose focus quickly and can easily be overwhelmed by the burden of studies. They need continuous motivation and recognition of their efforts to remain consistent in learning. Monthly scholarships for school students in India work as a motivating force. The concept of micro-scholarships is exemplary.

Concept of Micro-Scholarships

The term micro-scholarships is emerging with the changing education landscape. This concept of scholarships for school students is evolving, particularly in India. The idea is to incentivize learning for students and recognize their efforts in learning. It motivates the students to learn and perform well. Not only does it strengthen their knowledge base, but, also lays the foundation for a better future.

Students can get micro-scholarships in India through online scholarship websites and scholarship applications. The best example of micro-scholarships websites is Auro Scholar. It offers micro-scholarships for students in India through 10-minutes quizzes. The quizzes act as practice assessment tests through which students can test their knowledge and improve upon their learning. The micro-scholarship incentives work as a nudge to motivate students to learn. It is a form of extrinsic motivation that later turns into intrinsic motivation. Students learn and take quizzes to get micro-scholarships. As they move ahead by scoring eight marks or more on the online quiz test, they get micro-scholarships that motivate them to take more quizzes. If any student fails in a quiz attempt, they can retake the quiz after learning and revising the concepts again.

In this way, the urge to score better in quiz competitions motivates students to learn, gradually turning into intrinsic motivation. Additionally, the teachers can track student progress with the help of a learning dashboard that displays the complete performance of the students.

Online Quizzes and Their Role in Monthly Micro-Scholarships

Online quizzes play an essential role in monthly micro-scholarships in India. The term indicate any form of question & answer assessment available online. There are various quiz tests available to school students. They may be in the form of MCQ's or subject-wise quizzes. Subject-specific quizzes focus on building and testing student knowledge in a particular subject. The subject quizzes like maths quiz, English quiz, and Hindi quiz are the preference of most students. It can also be in the form of one-word answer type questions.

Online assessments are one of the most worthy and effective methods of practice and assessment of students. Many scholarship websites provide assessment tests to assess student learning levels. Online quizzes directly target the learning areas and test a deeper understanding of a subject. That is the reason why they qualify for efficient learning tools. Students do not have to devote much time to take the quizzes, unlike class tests and other such types of examinations.

How are Online Quizzes Beneficial?

Online quizzes are beneficial in a lot of ways. Also, they are readily available online. Students can take quizzes on any website and practice what they learn. The fact that they can get scholarships by taking quizzes is a bonus. Let us look at some of the essential benefits of online quizzes.

1.Engages Students
Students nowadays have a less attention span. It results from the excessive interference of technology in daily student life. Child education suffers a great deal due to the lack of attention. Thus, they are not able to perform well in their studies. Also, their levels of learning and knowledge are affected. Here, online quizzes play an essential role. They are usually short assessments where students do not need to spend much time. Therefore, it is easy to hold student attention and produce effective learning results.

2.Independent Process
Taking an online quiz is an independent process. It means that the students can take quizzes on their own. There is no need for a teacher or instructor to supervise the process. Another benefit of this independent process is that students take authority of their learning and understand the concepts better.

3.Variety of Questions
Online quizzes are usually available as Multiple Choice Questions or one-word answers. It means that they can cover a variety of topics at once. Moreover, it is easier to cover larger subject areas and create unique questions every time. This advantage makes them the best fit for scholarship quizzes.

4.Time-Based Assessments
Online quizzes are popular assessment tools for testing student knowledge in various areas of study. The quizzes test student abilities by making them compete against time. Additionally, time-bound quizzes initiate better cognitive functions in students, ultimately enhancing their critical thinking abilities.

5.Immediate and Better Results
The results of online assessments are quick and easy. Teachers can get complete insights into their students' abilities by analyzing their quiz results. For instance, Auro Scholar quizzes offer 10-minutes assessments that test the subject knowledge with critical thinking skills. Students can take the quizzes and get immediate results that help them know their learning level.

While formulating quiz questions, teachers target specific learning abilities of the students with each quiz question. Therefore, the results display student understanding and help teachers modify teaching strategies accordingly.

Final Note

Merit-based scholarships for students are available in many forms and for every school student. Students can get these scholarships either by simply applying for scholarships online or giving an examination. However, the concept of micro-scholarships in India is a drastic development in the education landscape. Online assessments are an essential element of merit-based scholarships, especially micro-scholarships. They take less time to complete and thus work as an effective, quick and easy assessment tool.