Scholarships for Indian Students: Some More Options to Explore

Education is one of the primary requirements of children. It is also the first and the foremost concern of parents in India. Education, being a fundamental right, must be equally available to all. However, in many cases, financial constraints prevent students from receiving the various benefits of education. Many students drop school at an early stage due to financial constraints. Several factors contribute to it, including the rising costs of education. Various Government and private organizations offer scholarships for Indian students to fight this issue. The mode of offering depends upon the organization. They may provide online scholarships or conduct offline examinations to disburse scholarships for Indian students. Thus, scholarships in India act as financial support for students studying in school.

Depending on the needs and requirements, students can apply for scholarships in India through various scholarship websites. We discussed the Top 5 Scholarships for Indian Students in one of our blogs. Read on to discover some more scholarships for Indian students.

List of Scholarships for Indian Students

1. Prime Minister’s Special Scholarships Scheme for 10+2 passed students of J&K and Ladakh of J&K and Ladakh:

The Prime Minister's Special Scholarship Scheme is an initiative to support the education of the youth of J&K and Ladakh. It ensures access to quality education to equip students with adequate knowledge, skills and training. The program caters to students pursuing educational courses outside the state, covering a variety of higher education courses. Not only does this scholarship for Indian students provides financial aid to 10+2 passed students, but, also promotes their higher education. Students can submit their scholarship applications and verify the documents at the Facilitation Centre. Later, AICTE conducts an online counselling session to allot seats to students. After the first round of counselling, AICTE updates a merit list on the portal. Students then need to upload a photo with the signatures on the portal. As the entire process ends, AICTE directly disburses the academic fee to the institution of the students who receive the scholarship.

2. NSDL Shiksha Sahyog Scholarship for Class 11 students:

Education institutions often charge a lot of fees in the name of education. Thus, it becomes difficult for many students to afford quality education. Moreover, tuition fees in schools register a hike every year, making it difficult for the parents to bear the expenses. NSDL Shiksha Sahyog Scholarships for Indian students are a way of helping such students. Students with an annual income of less than ₹3,00,000 in the family can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship program pushes students to rise above financial constraints, pursue their interests and explore career opportunities. Also, another benefit of this scholarship for Indian students is that it is available for all the students from grade 11 to Post Graduation. Students can easily apply for this scholarship online.

3.  Vahani Scholarship for School Students:

The Vahani scholarship for school students promotes education for underprivileged children in India. This scholarship for Indian students aims to provide the best higher education to students. It covers the top universities across India where students receive the best education despite their socio-cultural background. The organization follows a dual approach of providing financial assistance with personal mentorship. Personal mentorship helps create a close-knit community of scholars fostering future leaders who inspire change in society.

The Vahani Scholarship for school students felicitates 30 students every year. Students get funding and the training they need to attend the top universities across India. The eligibility criteria require that the applicant is a student of 12th grade, appearing for Board Examinations next year. Students applying for an undergraduate degree, possessing 85% or above in the 10th and 11th Board Examinations, are also eligible to apply. Additionally, the annual income of the applicants must be less than 1.5 lac per annum.

4. Savitribai Phule Scholarship:

The weaker sections of the society still suffer a lot of discrimination in India. In this context, particularly girl children belonging to the backward communities face many challenges. The patriarchal society and its unnecessary rules and regulations often affect girls education. Considering this fact, the Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance under the Maharashtra Government set agenda to support girls education. The Government launched a program with the name Savitribai Phule Scholarship to protect and safeguard the educational rights of the weaker sections. This scholarship focuses on providing education and motivating students belonging to the weaker sections. Girl students from grades 5 to 10 get financial assistance of ₹100 per month to support their dreams with education. It is a pre-matric merit-based scholarship for Indian students that supports commendable students from the backward classes. Overall, it is a praiseworthy scholarship program for school students.

5. Tata Trust Means Grant for Schools 2020:

The Ratan Tata Trust offers the Tata Trust Means Grant for Schools 2020 for students studying in classes 8 to 10. This scholarship for Indian students is available to students studying in various schools of Mumbai or Mumbai suburban areas. The meritorious students with an excellent academic record qualify for this scholarship. It acts as financial aid to the students for pursuing higher studies in the professional or technical fields. The objective of this scholarship for Indian students is to provide adequate economic assistance for completing further education. The most significant feature of the Tata trust Means Grant for Schools is that it offers variable rewards depending on the needs of the candidates. Thus, it is suitable for all the students and the best fit for every student's needs.