All about scholarships in India

Student Scholarships in India: Everything You Need to Know

Student scholarships in India are like a boon. They are beneficial for the students aiming to flourish in their career but lack adequate financial resources. Several scholarship websites provide online scholarships for Indian students to help them pursue higher education. So, if you decide to apply for scholarships in India, you must treat it the way you treat a degree program. It means that you must give scholarships the same amount of attention and dedication as a college degree. Therefore, researching before applying for scholarships is as necessary as researching to take admission in a college or course. Students must pay complete attention to each detail before applying for scholarships online. By doing this, you can understand the types, requirements, procedures, and other important things about scholarships. It is essential to explore different scholarship websites with complete attention to detail.

Overall, if you are planning to seek financial assistance for further education, you must know the details about scholarships. It includes the types of scholarships, process of scholarship application, eligibility requirements, scholarship trends, and more. We are here to help you out in this process. Scroll below to know everything you should know about student scholarships in India.

Important Facts About Scholarships In India

Before deciding to apply for scholarships in India or preparing for online quizzes, you must know a few facts about scholarships in India. It would give you better clarity and in-depth knowledge about several scholarship programs.

A wide variety of scholarships in India is available to students, irrespective of their caste, classes, categories, and gender.
Scholarships aim to help students by supporting their education. A variety of scholarships meet the custom needs of students such as means-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships, sports-based scholarships, and more.
When it comes to education, even the smallest efforts towards the educational future count.
With the advancements in technology, the scholarship application process is becoming much more convenient with the help of scholarship websites.
Though students can apply for several scholarships at once, they can get any one of them. However, the conditions for availing such scholarships vary from provider to provider.

Types of Scholarships in India

Scholarships are available to all the students, including the meritorious and underprivileged students as well. Students get a lot of opportunities to apply to different types of scholarships in India. Various scholarship websites offer ample opportunities to get scholarships for each educational requirement. Therefore, before randomly picking up any scholarship program, students must research well in advance. To make it easier, here is a list of the various types of scholarships that students can go through before choosing to apply for scholarships in India.

Merit-Based Scholarships
Merit-based scholarships are distributed on the basis of students’ academic records. However, only meritorious students are the ones who get to avail the benefits of these scholarships in India. But the question is, how to identify these types of scholarships out of the many options available! Students must keep checking scholarship websites to keep up with the updates and be aware of the latest merit-based scholarship trends. A little research is helpful to get the right scholarships that fulfils the applicant’s educational needs.
Means-Based Scholarships
Means-based scholarships in India cater to the educational needs of the economically backward sections. Students belonging to weaker sections can apply for scholarships in this category. Several scholarship websites offer opportunities to apply for means-based scholarships. However, students must research thoroughly before applying. It helps avoid any scholarship scams and get the right scholarship.

Merit-Cum-Means Based Scholarships
Merit-cum-means based scholarships consider both the financial needs and academic merits of students. The main purpose of this scholarship program is to support higher education for students belonging to minority groups. Therefore, all the meritorious students are eligible to apply for merit cum means based scholarships in India. Students must ensure that they keep up with the latest updates on the scholarships for timely application.

Talent-Based Scholarships
Talent-based scholarships are for students who take keen interest in the fields of art, dance, and music. Basically, these types of scholarships are for students looking out for careers in any field of art. So, whether students want to become a dancer, musician, or singer, they can opt for such scholarships in India.

Sports-Based Scholarships
What is better than winning yourself a scholarship based on your contribution towards a particular sport! The sports-based scholarships in India promote such students by supporting their higher education while recognizing their talent in sports. Students with interest in any of the sports and games activities can apply for this scholarship program and pursue higher education while continuing their game.

Scholarships For Women
Scholarships for girls students in India promote the higher education of girls belonging to different communities hailing from different parts of the country. Various government and private institutions offer scholarships in India for girls and women. Applicants can visit the scholarship websites and apply for scholarships in India. However, they must ensure complete research and information collection about the website.

​​Scholarships For Overseas Studies
Are you planning to study in the UK or US? But how would you manage funds for your overseas education? While many would get educational loans easily, most of the students might look for scholarship opportunities in India to study abroad. When it comes to international education, there are a lot of international universities that offer great career opportunities for Indian students to encourage cross-cultural education worldwide. So, if students want to study abroad and apply for scholarships in India, they can search on the Internet and get the ones relevant for them.

A micro-scholarship is a small amount of financial support given to students to fulfil small educational expenses such as paying tuition fees, enrollment in a coaching, etc. This comparatively new concept of micro-scholarships in India helps students pay for their tuition fees, books expenditure, college admission fees, and more. School students can apply for micro-scholarships where they get assessed based on their talent and academic performance. Based on these assessments, students across the country have the opportunity to earn micro-scholarships. Students receive financial aid in their parents’ mobile wallets or bank accounts. Also, micro-scholarships are easy to apply and help parents bear the educational expenses of their children.

Final Note

Scholarships play an important role in the betterment of the education sector. Hope we’ve helped you get a sense of everything you need to know about different types of scholarships in India. So, before you take any decision and choose some random scholarship, we advise you to keep a cautious check on scholarship websites so that you do not miss any deadlines.

Good Luck & make way for a bright career ahead!