Types of Scholarship: Some More Scholarships to Explore

Technology is creating its imprints in the World. With every advancement in technology, we are getting closer to discovering new secrets and heading towards a better future. These developments promote the growth of all sectors. Moreover, the Internet provides a pool of information at the click of a button. The abundance of information allows further evolution. As a result, this technical progression contributes to better opportunities in learning. Therefore, the education sector also witnesses drastic changes. The biggest and the most remarkable of them is the shift from traditional to online learning methods. As India is heading forward to produce world leaders and emerge as a global leader, the educational needs are rising. However, owing to the present scenario of child education, there is still a need to support students and motivate them. Providing financial aid to support learning is a method of doing so. In India, financial aid is commonly available in the form of scholarships. There are various types of scholarships catering to the educational needs of students in India.

Our blog on Types of Scholarships in India mentions the different scholarships that students can apply for in India. This blog highlights some more common scholarships students can explore.

Types of Scholarships to Explore

1. Government Scholarships

Government scholarships are available for all the students in India. There are numerous scholarship programs run by the Central and State governments of India. The various types of scholarships also include merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships. Students pursuing a career in any field can apply for scholarships at any level. The benefit of these types of scholarships is that they are available for all the students irrespective of their caste, class or religion.

There are mainly two types of scholarships under this category.

(a)Scholarships Funded by Central Government

Like the various types of scholarships, students from every state in the country can avail these scholarships. The Central Government disburses these scholarships to the students who are citizens of India. Some major Government of India departments that work to disburse these scholarships include the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability, and more.

(b) Scholarships Funded by State Governments

Similar to the Central Government Funded Scholarships, the State Government Funded Scholarships are available for students in every State. However, the criteria require that the student must be a permanent resident of that State. The motive behind offering these scholarships is to reduce the dropout rates and ensure quality education accessible to every student.

2. Private Scholarships

When it comes to strengthening the future citizens of the nation, the Government cannot make all the efforts alone. There is a need for responsible citizens to take part and contribute to the development of society. As a result, several private organizations take the responsibility to provide scholarships to students alongside the Government initiatives. In this effect, private organizations generate funds as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. The organizations disburse these funds as scholarships to students. For instance, the Mahindra Group, HDFC, Colgate, Glow and Lovely, and IndusInd provide scholarships to meritorious students. These are some of the common types of scholarships that help students pursue their dream careers.

Additionally, private scholarships open doors to industrial knowledge. There are private organizations that offer internships along with a scholarship. It allows students to get hands-on industry experience and acquire skills to promote professional growth. Moreover, students get help acquiring the right amount of experience for their dream job.

3.  Community Scholarships

India has a huge population, a majority of which belong to minority communities. Due to its long history of communal biases, there is a need to support these communities. However, several developments in the Law and Societal order have brought us far from that history, much needs to be done for future generations to come. Many communities carry out support initiatives for their members. For instance, several communities offer different types of scholarships to students with a mission to motivate them to learn. There are many religious or caste communities that work to provide scholarships to students and encourage them to study. The reason for offering such types of scholarships is to uplift the minority communities and promote child education. Also, fostering a feeling of togetherness to build better community relations is necessary for a secular republic. Community scholarships build better relations among communities and open doors to better opportunities for future citizens.Not only religious or caste communities but also local organizations like the Resident Welfare Organization offer scholarships. They aim to promote students and build close community relations that contribute to a successful career for students.

4. School/College Scholarships

Schools and colleges serve as places that impart education and also shape a child’s future. They are responsible for incorporating values along with subject knowledge into the students. Also, schools ensure that student education is not confined to the 4 walls of a classroom. They must learn to pursue their goals even if they do not relate to academics. Therefore, to create a sense of healthy competition among the students, schools and colleges offer scholarships to meritorious students. Such types of scholarships require good performance scores in academic or extracurricular activities. Only the students who fulfill these eligibility criteria receive scholarships. As a result, students learn and stove to perform better in the class to qualify for the scholarship exam and get scholarships.

4. Micro-Scholarships

Micro-scholarships are comparatively new among the different types of scholarship available in India. The mission of offering micro-scholarships is to motivate students to learn and perform better. These types of scholarships do not focus on rewarding good marks or providing financial support only to meritorious students. But, the entire focus remains on rewarding the learning efforts of the students by incentivizing learning. For instance, Auro Scholar offers monthly micro-scholarships of up to INR 1000 for the students of classes KG to 12. The students have to take the in-app online quizzes to get micro-scholarships.