Strategies for Winning a Scholarship

5 Strategies for Winning a Scholarship


Earning a scholarship is not an easy task and we all agree and acknowledge this fact but applying for a scholarship is also equally hefty. Lack of planning, shortage of knowledge about scholarships, and eligibility criteria are some of the factors that may affect your decision of applying for a scholarship. While every scholarship and his/ her parents must brush up their knowledge about the scholarships, there are few strategies that the students need to adapt to ensure winning a scholarship. If you want to increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you must be following the below-mentioned top 5 strategies for getting scholarships. 

Apply for Government Sponsored Scholarships - 

In India, the governments both at the state and central level have been bringing about measures to upgrade the education system, and sponsoring several scholarships is a step in the same direction. Every year many annual and monthly scholarships are being rolled out and sponsored so that no talented or academically excellent student suffers at the hands of economic/ monetary limitations. The objective is to ensure that every child who wants to pursue education gets an opportunity to learn and get educated. So, when the government is throwing the ball in your court why not catch it! That is, when a student has the opportunity to win a scholarship, one must grab it to reap benefits. 

Winning a scholarship from any sponsor is a good idea and hence students should leave no stones unturned to win one. Many government scholarships are focused on promoting the lesser privileged students, minority groups, or girl children and also towards allowing learning to the academically excellent students. Make sure you do not take these scholarships for school students lightly and miss out on any opportunity that comes your way.

Say Yes to ‘Private Scholarships’ too – Scholarships by philanthropists or private companies are some of the most sought-after scholarships in the world. We totally agree as these scholarships are funded to meet the complete need of a student. A majority of such scholarships or financial aids comprise the academic, lodging, and food expenses of the scholarship winner. Therefore, every student who wants to win a scholarship must apply for every private scholarship if he or she fits the eligibility requirements. 

Don’t Choose Between Macro or Micro Scholarships – You may have heard people saying that no gift is big or small. Similarly, no scholarship is big or small. The amount of financial aid offered could be less or more but the importance a scholarship holds remains the same. A student should not choose from a macro scholarship or a micro scholarship. When you are seeking a scholarship, you should put in equal efforts for winning even a micro scholarship. Life is unpredictable and when you may not be able to earn a macro scholarship, the micro (small) scholarships may work for you. Sometimes, we do not realize how impactful can micro scholarships can be, until we get to experience the change they bring about in our lives. Be sure to give a shot at the popular micro scholarships for school students that are being talked about in the education sector. 

Apply Through Out the Year – Students generally go with the wind and pick a trend or attempt a scholarship when they hear about it. Usually, a majority of students do not apply for scholarships until January every year. Students need to ideally keep a tab on the different scholarships in India and their respective deadlines. But it is better than all students apply for monthly scholarships or annual scholarships as soon as the scholarships are announced. Pre-planning can help students in maintaining a balanced frame of mind rather than landing into a panic mode around the scholarships’ deadlines.

Use Technology – Feel blessed that technology has made life easier for the students and one must use it to the fullest. Finding a scholarship has become easier with access to online scholarship strategy tools. There are different scholarship searching websites that have streamlined the process of finding suitable scholarships for the students. The students need to fill in their personal details, academic achievements and simply hit the search button on the scholarship search websites. Don’t they make life easier, faster, and hassle-free? Adopt the above-mentioned strategies to win a scholarship for yourself.