Tips Applying for a Scholarship

7 Steps to Keep in Mind While Applying for a Scholarship


After receiving many requests from students and their parents to walk them through the process of the scholarship application, we realized that there is a need to breakdown the general process of application into few simple steps. You got 99 problems but a scholarship won’t be one, as we bring to you all the steps you need to keep in mind when you apply for a scholarship, to make the process of scholarship applications seamless and hassle-free.

Step 1 – A little research goes a long way

The first and foremost step before applying for any scholarship is to research. It is extremely important to understand what are the best scholarships for you to make the application process efficient. There are several scholarships available for students based on merit, means, or means – cum – merit. You need to figure out the type of scholarship you require and also whether you are eligible for it. There are many blogs and apps to provide all information about scholarships, like AuroScholar, scholarships in India, Buddy4Study, etc. These platforms help you to know about the various Government and Private scholarships available. Then, there are  websites like National Scholarship Portal, Scholly, Chegg, etc. that help to match you with the most appropriate scholarship for about

Once you know about the scholarship and you are eligible for it, you need to gather information about the important dates, documents required, etc. to make sure you have them available before starting the process of application. In this respect, the above-mentioned websites and apps provide all the latest information and can help you get all information in one place.

Step 2 – Have all your documents in one place

After you have gathered all the possible information about the scholarship process, the documents required, and the important dates, it is equally essential to arrange all your documents and in one place so that you are not running around searching for papers during the application process. It is a scientifically proven fact that the more scattered and cluttered your surroundings, the more confused your mind gets; and a confused and panicked mind is likely to make more mistakes. So, having all your requisites – documents – originals, copies, soft copies, photographs, signature, etc. – in one place will leave your mind calm and you are less likely to make an error while filling the form.

Step 3 – Ask your queries as many times as you need to

This is perhaps one of the most important steps to remember while filling a scholarship application. In case of any doubt regarding anything given about a certain scholarship, it is a good idea to call and ask the scholarship provider to explain the process, requirements, timelines, and anything else that you need to know about the scholarship. There is no source better than the scholarship provider to answer your questions queries. E.g. to know the details about micro scholarships under the AuroScholar program you can call us on the number given below or write to us at It is necessary to ask as many questions as many times you need to until you are confident about the process and all other details related to the scholarship application.

Step 4 – Be mindful of the deadlines

As you research the scholarships, make sure to take note of all the important dates and deadlines. Some scholarships have multiple levels of processes like the last date to download applications, the last date of offline/ online submissions, the last day for payment of fees, etc. The best process is to note them down and mark them on your physical/ digital calendar so that you have a constant reminder to make sure you submit all aspects of the application well within time and do not lose your scholarship because of carelessness or tardiness.

Step 5 – Check, Recheck, Repeat

If you have followed the above four steps to a T, then there is very little chance that you would have made a mistake, however, it is better to be safe than sorry. So, check and recheck each part of your application form multiple times and make sure you get someone else to check it too, as sometimes we miss out on simple mistakes like filling the incorrect birth year, spelling error in name or name does not match with the ID proof, etc. and it is always better to get another pair of eyes to go through it. Submit the form only once you are satisfied.

Step 6 – Keep Calm and fill the form

As mentioned above, one of the most important steps to remember while doing any important task in life is to be calm. If you miss out on the steps given, and, have not researched enough or do not have all your documents in place or, are not mindful of the deadlines, it could create a situation of panic and lead to errors while filling the application, therefore it is extremely important to keep calm and gather your thoughts.

Step 7 – Have a backup plan

Scholarships are extremely competitive and it is not advisable to enter into the process without a backup plan, because then you would be setting yourself up for disappointment. In case you are unable to get the scholarship that you have applied for it is advisable that you look for opportunities to apply for scholarships at a later time, e.g. AuroScholar’s micro scholarships are available every month. Apart from this, you must also look into opportunities for part–time work, earn - while - you – learn, fellowships, etc. In case none of these avenues are open, you can also look for affordable Education loans and philanthropic sponsorships to ensure continuity in your educational dreams and professional aspirations.