Top 10 Scholarship Websites for Students

Top 10 Scholarship Websites for Students


With a surging education fees graph, students are usually seen searching for ways to finance their education and earning a scholarship is by far the best option available. Before the Internet had set its feet firmly in the education sector, students had to physically visit varied colleges and universities to hunt and apply for scholarships. While the popular colleges were swarmed by student applicants, the lesser known scholarship providers had to advertise to attract students looking for scholarship grants. As online learning in India gained momentum, the education industry has been flooded with scholarships providers from government programs, private firms to many education-based non-government organizations. 

The most popular misconception or myth about scholarships has also been busted with the advent of the online learning industry. According to the misconception, students and parents believed there weren’t enough scholarships available for them to apply and with very few colleges or firms sponsoring these scholarships, they had slim chances of getting any scholarship. In point of fact, there are a myriad of scholarships available and the good news is that most of them are available online that would mean the students do not need to spend their time, money and energy in running from pillar to post to inquire about or apply for scholarships. 

The growing digitization has left no sector untouched and the education industry is witnessing a massive transition with online wings giving tough competition to offline ones. Digital classrooms are being preferred over traditional classrooms, e-books over books, blackboard over smartboard and the list is endless. Scholarships have also been part of this digital drive and transformation phase. Now, students have access to many online scholarships that support meritorious, talented to needy students for paying off their school or higher education fees. Out of the endless list of online scholarships available today, there are some that have become a favourite amongst students for their respective unique features. Take a look at the list below to choose the ones that suit your requirements and preferences. 

1. National Scholarships Portal - The Government of India has been implementing different scholarship schemes over the years. National Scholarships Portal is a one-stop solution for information about all the state-specific scholarships and scholarships by the central government. Through this portal, students can apply for any or all the scholarships by the state or union government. They can easily get application receipt and other information related to processing & sanctioning of the scholarship. This portal also holds details about the disbursal of scholarships and hence is a very useful resource for students seeking financial aid. This portal is an initiative of GoI under NeGPi.e National e-Governance Plan. 

2. Auro Scholar - A micro-scholarship program, Auro Scholar has been making waves in the online learning industry worldwide for its unique program concept and aim of making learning a continuous process for school students. This is the world's first micro-scholarship program that offers small incentives as a learning nudge to students. After registering at, the students of class 6 to class 12 students can take 10-min Mobile Quizzes. If the student gets 80% or more in the mobile quiz, she or he becomes eligible for Rs. 1000/ month. Through this micro-scholarship program, the students receive INR 50 (upto INR 1,000/month for 20 quizzes) in their mobile wallets that can be transferred to their parents’ or their personal bank account in order to pay for preferred learning options.

This one-of-its kind micro-scholarship has become popular for its unique concept as it allows the students to re-appear for the test if they score less than the required in their previous quiz. Through the app the students have the access to rich study material. 

3. - It is a website promising millions of students to find a scholarship for themselves. Any student whether in high school or the one pursuing education in a college can apply for scholarships at this website. Students can make a free profile on this website and can get their profiles matched to the scholarships. This website helps aspirants find the detailed information on 4,000 colleges & universities. gives details on the admission stats, enrollment data, academic majors, and other education-related financial aid data. This one is a very popular online platform that has been widely-used by parents and students for searching college scholarships. Highly recognized worldwide, this website is also used by recognized schools and other educational institutions. 

4. Buddy4Study - Expanding its wings in a short span of time in the online education industry, this platform is there for both the students and for scholarship promoters. Here, the scholarship seekers can search for a scholarship for themselves and find all the relevant related information regarding the financial grant they are seeking. Buddy4study offers the service of designing the process of scholarship, its creation, promotion and application. Started in the year 2011, this website claims to be India’s largest scholarship provider and promises to offer curated scholarship information across the globe. 

5. - As the name suggests, this portal displays the online scholarships that are available in India besides the ones available outside India. For students who have a dream to study abroad, they can learn about the different scholarships that they can apply for. It serves as a huge database of scholarships related information from providers of around 20 countries or more. Students’ time is precious and hence this made-in-India web portal values their time and provides all kinds of scholarships related information at just one place. Whether a scholarship seeker wants to brush her or his knowledge about the entrance exams and the procedures involved or wants details about the research institutes, serves all purposes under the same roof. 

6. FastWeb– If one is looking for all the updated information about any scholarship, FastWeb is the right destination for her or him. It claims to stand tall on a daily update of database that sets it apart from others in the industry. This scholarship provider works on a mechanism that makes every 11 months scholarship to expire from its database. As a result, the scholarship firms or sponsors need to approach and offer the updated scholarship information to remain listed on the FastWeb portal. Leveraging on the updated database of scholarships worth 1.5 million, this online scholarship domain has shown magnanimous growth in a time span of 15 years. This website has been elementary in searching for required financial aid to fund education to around 50 million students. Amongst the other special features, that sets this portal apart from others in the same business, is the ‘notification email’. That means, every time a new scholarship or micro-scholarshipis added to the database, the registered students are notified about the same if their profile matches the new scholarship. Besides this, unlike many other scholarship portals, this portal does not share any student’s personal information with third party websites thereby ensuring 100% privacy of the user information.

7. Chegg–Similar to its name, its concept is unique too. Chegg is a website for the college students who want to pursue higher education and fulfill their dreams. Students need to make their profile on Chegg and the rest is done by the web portal. It helps students find the best matching online scholarships through its interface in a matter of seconds. This web portal’s unique concept allows students to compete in different contests and consequently get a chance to win the scholarship of their choice. The Weekly Essay Contest organized at this portal offers a win-win situation to students who have a bent for creative writing and also aim to find a perfect financial aid to opt for a preferred course.

8. Scholarship Monkey – Are you in search of relevant as well as useful information about the online scholarships to suit your educational preferences?Then Scholarship Monkey web portal could be the ideal choice as it claims to hold more than 1 million scholarship programs under one roof. According to it, over 4000 scholarship providers can be reached out through this portal. Over the years, Scholarship Monkey has been giving access to more than 1 million scholarship awards. These awards range from professional ones to even undergraduate scholarship awards. Using upgraded technology, this scholarship portal uses a talking monkey bot to display the search results by the students.

9. Scholarships360 – When a website profiles a single unique scholarship each day, it is sure to rouse more interest and attract more and more students. The single scholarship profile per day gives more clarity to the students who can apply for that particular scholarship that match their requirements perfectly. This one-of-its-kind scholarship portal has scholarships listed under 15 different categories and thus making the task of the scholarship seekers a lot easier and systematic. 

10. Cappex– Students, whether meritorious or talented need to have access to financial aid to support their education-based expenses. This web portal is a great help for students who are searching for financial advice and scholarship providers. Through its vast database of scholarship providers, this scholarship website helps students find suitable online scholarships for under-graduate students.