Micro Scholarship

What is a Micro-Scholarship?


Success leads to confidence in students and even the elderly. An award, reward, or achievement is also like achieving success that has a positive impact on the human brain. Therefore, when students earn micro-scholarships, it oozes a sense of self-confidence in them thereby inspiring them to believe in their capabilities. While most of us are familiar with the term ‘scholarship’, our knowledge about micro scholarship could be limited. But actually, there is just one difference between a scholarship and a micro scholarship. Micro-scholarship is a term that is relatively new in the education sector but it has impacted millions of students positively over the years. 

A micro- scholarship is defined as a small amount of financial help that a student may earn that can be used for contributing towards educational expenses of students or can be used for paying tuition fees. There are different e-learning websites and other education promoting programs that offer micro-scholarships to students so as to assist them in bearing their school or college educational expenditure. These micro-scholarships are the latest trend that has swept the online education industry. There are several organizations, private to non-profit ones, that are committed to making education accessible to one and all. These firms and institutions intend to acknowledge, appreciate and promote the students who are deserving of a scholarship. Through micro-scholarship programs, many students are benefitting immensely and they are able to utilize the grant given to them to pay their tuition fees or for buying books, etc. 

Students or online learners can apply for scholarships online where they are assessed for their academic performance and in some cases for their talent too. Based on these assessments, some students stand the chance to earn micro-scholarships. These education-based financial aids are sent into mobile wallets of the students/ parents or into bank accounts of the micro-scholarship winners. 

Micro Scholarship in India

In India, education in government schools is affordable by the lower-income strata, but through micro scholarship children can support their own education. When students apply and win micro scholarships, they help their families in paying for tuition fees. In families with more than one or two children, bearing education fees can be difficult at times. Micro-scholarships by several entities are like ‘blessings in disguise’. Any amount, small or large, is a big help in combating this problem. These smaller grants are given to the students when they apply and compete in an online assessment. These assessments take place on a periodical basis throughout the year where the performance of students is judged and monitored by online instructors. 

With the online industry booming like never before, many firms have come up with micro-scholarships that are now within easy reach of the students. These financial aids for school students and college-goers act as a learning nudge to the students. Students require access to the internet and a computer to apply for micro-scholarships programs. Through various online assessments of different subjects, students become eligible for earning these scholarships. These small grants inspire students to compete and perform more diligently in order to receive micro-scholarships for their performances in academic or extracurricular pursuits. 

Types of Micro-Scholarships

Micro Scholarships on Quick Assessment Basis - Quick assessment based scholarship lets students participate in quizzes or competitions that determine their subject-specific knowledge and competence. Based on the quick assessments, students can work on their performance and reattempt the quizzes to earn the micro-scholarships.

It is a misconception that micro-scholarships are offered to students only for their academic performance. On the contrary, the micro-scholarships are given to different students for their performance in different fields. Some micro-scholarships in India and other countries applaud students for their extracurricular activities too. The students earn different kinds of micro-scholarships like:

  • Micro-scholarships for taking a foreign language course 
  • For their work experience 
  • For participating in extracurricular activities
  • For Participation in sports 
  • Micro scholarship for participating and contributing to community service