Why Scholarships are Essential

Why Scholarships are Essential for Every Student


Scholarships can definitely be compared to a big box full of pleasant surprises and solutions to some of the problems of the students and their parents. Are you wondering, how? Scholarships are essential for every student as they reap numerous benefits that are gained either directly or indirectly. Some of the reasons that make scholarships essential for every student are:

Scholarships Offer Economic Advantage 

Keeping in mind, the amount of fees being charged by educational institutions, it is natural for any family to sometimes struggle to manage their expenses. Especially in India, where a majority of the population is still leading a struggling life, completing higher education is still not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether we refer to a school or a college, every year there is a hike in the fees. Scholarships for Indian students are surely the best way to ease up the pressure that builds upon the Indian parents and that may sometimes affect students’ mental health too. After all, growing children do realize and understand the stress and struggle their parents undergo to match up to the students’ educational needs. 

One Can Choose a Course of Choice

Often students quit courses in between due to the course fees. There are several cases where the students do not opt for a stream/ college because of financial constraints. Unlike this, the students who earn scholarships can choose a course of their choice and make a career in their dream sector. 

Easy to Manage Course Fees & Educational Expenses

Scholarships extend a feeling of security to the students. When courses’ fee structures appear seemingly out of the reach, being a scholarship winner acts as an advantage. Studies suggest the tuition fees of the school students increase every year. Having financial aid in the form of a scholarship can help manage the expenses easily. Thus, in a way, scholarships are not merely rewarding for academic achievements and educational progression but they relieve the parents and students of the economic struggle that they would have to go through in case of no scholarships.  

Something is better than Nothing. Yes, you read that right and you may have read that quite often. When it comes to education, any amount of financial aid should be welcomed with open arms and gratitude to the Almighty. Whether scholarships or micro-scholarships, all these financial aids are helpful.

Programs like Auro Scholarships promote micro scholarships for schools’ students and have become a rage amongst the Indian school students as it allows them to win a monthly scholarship of Rs 1000 through 10-mts mobile-based quizzes. The amount earned gets transferred to the students’ or their parents’ wallet and can be used to pay for education-specific expenses like paying the tuition fees. Promoting incentivized learning, these micro-scholarships act as a learning nudge for the school students who compete to improve their individual performance in every test. 

Scholarships are Worth the Efforts

The benefits of scholarships are huge and that makes them worth the efforts that students make to earn them. Earlier, applying for a scholarship was a difficult task since students had to visit the institutions to inquire, apply for scholarships, and submit the required documents. This process has become less taxing in this digital world. Students now have the facility & technology to apply for scholarships from the comforts of their rooms. Different scholarships have different requirements and it is needless to say that students still put in great efforts to ensure they get the right scholarship. Students do realize that the scholarships are worth the efforts and would play a major role in helping them settle their lives forever. 

Transform Students and Encourage Philanthropy 

This may not be fit for all the students but scholarships are believed to transform the students into philanthropists. When students receive the financial aid to complete their choice of course or to complete their education, it has positive psychological impacts on them. They tend to develop a better understanding of the world around them and become more empathetic. If a student wins a scholarship, it builds a sense of gratitude in them and makes him or her value education more than earlier. In a way, it changes the approach to life. Scholarship earning students develop a mindset where they start believing in contributing to their society. During or after completion of education, such students find ways to get involved in social work. At times, they also become sponsors of some student scholarships themselves. 

A Boost to Confidence 

One of the most important aspects of scholarships that terms it as essential for student is that it boosts the self-confidence level of the students. We all know that getting a scholarship is not an easy task and those who win one, surely have achieved a milestone by doing so. The appreciation from the parents, school/ college, and society gives a major boost to the confidence level.