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Auro Scholar Programme offers online monthly scholarships for school students in India

Students, now take 10 min curriculum-based quizzes and get INR 50 scholarship per quiz within 24 hours (INR 1,000 for 20 such quizzes).

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Despite the investments in education and national scholarships the learning outcomes of Indian students are constantly declining.

  1. 57.50% are unable to perform simple division
  2. 40% cannot read a simple sentence in English
  3. 25% cannot read a basic native language text
ASER report on secondary students - 2017
  • Student motivation and parental engagement are the biggest stumbling blocks in education.
  • Auro Scholar aims to 'Builds Merit’ instead of only 'Discovering Merit' by incentivizing millions of wilful learners and motivating their parents through micro-scholarships.
  • Students failing the first attempt can re-take quizzes to practice and win free scholarships. This feature helps remove any existing educational barriers.

How Auro Scholarship Application Works

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Our Mission

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    Motivation to Learn

    Inspired by 2019 Nobel Prize won by Abhijit Banerjee, Ester Duflo and Michael Kremer, Auro Scholar motivates millions of students to learn through micro-scholarships. By providing economic incentives to parents, Auro Scholar also prevents school drop-out.

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    'Adhaar' of student weak areas

    Auro Scholar creates systemic learning data layer in society, almost like 'Adhaar', using which education providers can access weak areas of 250mn K-12 children, in order to personalize their education.

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    Promise to every K-12 child in the country

    Auro Scholar is not for best performers alone. Each student can win micro-scholarships by improving from their existing level, thereby bringing inclusion for every child in the country. This is radical.

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Make your studies fun and rewarding with Auro Scholar! Take Quizzes and get scholarships upto ₹1000 per month!

students in india

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Auro Scholarships Donation

Sri Aurobindo Society started the Auro Scholarships Programme to award monthly Micro-Scholarships to school students in India through the Auro Scholar App. The goal behind providing this Financial Aid is to provide online scholarship to students to improve their learning outcomes while strengthening academic foundation. It is a way of rendering a helping hand to parents by covering the school expenses. This is the vision of Auro Scholar.

If your vision aligns with ours and you envision national upliftment through education, contribute to Auro Scholarship. We, at Auro Scholar, value your support in the development of the nation.

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