Scholarships in India: Top 7 Scholarships to Choose From

Several myths and misconceptions surround scholarships in India. The most common misconception is that scholarships only cater to financially weak or post-secondary students. On the contrary, scholarships in India are available for all, irrespective of their academic performance or socio-economic background. There are numerous types of scholarships in India addressing the specific learning needs of students. For instance, students who are good at sports can apply for sports-based scholarships. Likewise, students who possess some talent like acting, dancing or singing can apply for talent-based scholarships. Also, scholarships in India are available in an online as well as offline format. Students can apply for scholarships on the scholarship websites or through applications available on Google PlayStore or AppStore. 

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Scholarships in India - The Best Fits to Choose From


Scholarships in India are available for a variety of purposes and in various categories. The categories include, but are not limited to, merit-based, means-based, talent-based scholarships, and more. In essence, there is a scholarship for every type of student. Students can look for an appropriate scholarship through scholarship websites and apply for scholarships online. Although there is an option to submit scholarship applications offline, the online application method is easy. The age of digitization provides ample opportunities to engage with the world from the comfort of your drawing room. A smart device is all that you need. Therefore, a smartphone or a laptop can help get any information in one click. The scholarship application process is exemplary. As students search the Internet for scholarships, they can get complete information about scholarships in India and their benefits. This blog can work as one such source of information for you. 


Let’s have a look at the various scholarships in India. 

1. National Talent Search Examination

National Talent Search Examination is the most popular scholarship programme in the country. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) runs this scholarship programme throughout the country. Also, it is one of the eminent scholarships in India that works to recognize, encourage, and nurture students with supreme talent. NCERT conducts the National Talent Search Examination at the national level and state level. The various State Governments make arrangements for the conduct of the scholarship examination. 


2. National Means cum Merit Scholarship

Not all scholarships in India cater to the economically backward sections. Some consider merit as well as needs. National Means cum Merit Scholarships consider both, merit as well as financial needs of the students. The Department of School Education and Literacy, Government of India, offers these scholarships in India. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship mandates that the applicant must be a student of class 9. Also, the applicant must have a score of at least 55% in class 8 with an annual family income of less than 1.50 Lakh. If applicants fulfil the eligibility criteria, they can get a scholarship of Rs. 12,000 per annum. Thus, this scholarship focuses on the backward or minority community. 


3. CBSE Merit Scholarship for Single Girl Child

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) runs a merit scholarship programme in India to support girls’ education. CBSE Merit Scholarship is mainly available to single girl children to continue their education after Grade 10. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship requires that the girl secures at least 60% marks in Class10. Along with this, other specifications require school affiliation with CBSE with a tuition fee above Rs.1500/month. Also, with the need for women education and empowerment, this scholarship proves to be of great importance. It helps uplift the girl children and encourage them to pursue further studies.  


4. Pre-Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities

India is a secular state. Even then, several communities remain on the periphery of society. The communities also include religious minorities including, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, and like. Such communities often face denial of rights and opportunities. Educational rights are also not fully available to them on the ground level. Therefore, the government offers several scholarships to uplift the students belonging to minority communities. The Pre-Merit Scholarships Scheme for Minorities offers scholarships to such minority students. The eligibility criteria include a score of a minimum of 50% and a family income of Rs.1,00,000/annum.


5. ISRO Young Scientist Programme 2020

Space and science fascinate many students. Students often wish to explore the secrets of Space and explore the depths. On the other hand, some students show interest in Sciences and technology. However, developing a career in the field is expensive. The ISRO Young Scientist Programme allows students of class 9 across the country to explore the opportunities in Space Science. It offers a scholarship enabling 113 students to participate in a two-week training program about Space Science and more. As a result, students get more exposure and explore career opportunities in the field of Space Science. 


6. Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Education is a fundamental right available for all. Everyone must get equal opportunities to avail the benefits of the educational infrastructure in the country. However, students with disabilities either do not get a proper education or face a denial of opportunities. Therefore, the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities provides scholarships to differently-abled students. This scholarship is available for students of classes 9 & 10 with more than 40% marks. The annual family income to avail of this scholarship must be Rs.2,50,000 Lakhs per annum.


7. Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Children-Pre Matric Scholarship

The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes suffer a lot of discrimination in the country. As a result, students belonging to these communities often face neglect and denial in terms of education. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs sponsors a scholarship program for needy Indian students to help them pursue their education. Students of classes 9 and 10 belonging to the ST community can apply for this scholarship. 


Besides the above scholarships, other scholarships cater to pre & post-matric students of India. Along with the annual scholarships, several monthly scholarships are available to students in India. These scholarships work as financial aid for meritorious, needy, and deserving students. 


Online Scholarship


The invention and evolution of the Internet benefit the educational sector. As a result, students or parents do not need to run from pillar to post to apply for scholarships. The availability of scholarships online ensures hassle-free knowledge of scholarship programs and the organizations offering them. It also minimizes the wastage of time, money and efforts put in physically visiting a school or institution for applying for scholarships for Indian students.