Top 10 Scholarship Websites for Students To Kick Start A New Journey!

The proceeding growth of the country depends upon the youth of the country. And the youth is largely dependent on one of the most significant sectors, the 'Education’ sector.  To excel in the sector with flying colours, you need financial, emotional, and management support, of course. Well, the whole life parents contemplate finding the best way to flourish the careers of their children within a budgeted amount. But seeing the current situation and advanced times, there are high chances of parents and students to become all-paranoid with the increased fee structure. But wait, and then what are scholarships for? 

The simple answer to the question is ‘to make your lives a little better.’ You probably would have heard your friends and family tell you about zillions of scholarship websites and scholarship apps but if you’ve actually tried to find one, you know to find the perfect one is to look for a needle in a haystack. So, if you too want to kick start your educational journey in India, don’t miss out on the chance to skim through scholarship websites and grab Indian scholarships in India. So, before you get all overwhelmed and make yourself fall into a dilemma, scroll down below the rundown of the best Indian Scholarship websites to get a sense of the future.


Top 5 Best Scholarship Websites To Find An Easy Way To Pay For College


Over the years, we have witnessed so many technological and financial advancements where feasibility comes with soaring high prices. Paying heed to the educational sector, paying for popular colleges has become a quite daunting and scary task now. But worry not! This is the time where scholarship websites come into the picture as saviours for both parents and students both. So without further ado, we want to give you the best education experience with our curated list of the best Indian scholarships in India.

Chegg is an amazing textbook website that has a full-on scholarship search function that offers more than 25,000 feasible scholarships. The best thing about this website is that it offers online tutors to help students across with their scholarship essays. This is one of the best scholarship websites which is more than just a scholarship tool but helps you save money and achieve your dreams successfully. One of the most extremely user-friendly Indian scholarships websites for students that offers its online tutors who will help you craft the ideal college scholarship essay. The services of this website range from creative ideas and development to simple proofreading.

Cappex allows students to have access to scholarships in India worth $11 Billion. The website goes beyond just finding the money help for college, though, instead allows you to filter options to find the perfect fit for you. It’s a large space for you to find information related to college in one place.

A little different from other scholarship websites, provides great information on different topics from places to live to K-12 schools to scholarships. The not-so-regular website combines real experience and personal reviews with research, analysis, and scientific data to create in-depth rankings and profiles to help you find places to live, jobs, and schools. The cherry on the tree is you have extra information here, and you can find more information in regards to financial aid for college.

One of the oldest Indian scholarship websites, founded in May 1995. The website has a whooping database of 1.5 million college scholarships worth over $3.5 billion of financial aid. Fastweb keeps a vigil track of different scholarships which you want and which you have applied for in advance. Good part? Along with giving information related to scholarships, it also gives information related to student loans. This site is like a treat to find internships and colleges for different age groups of students by creating a free profile.



Unlike other websites, Scholly is an online scholarship website as well as a scholarship app that helps you find great scholarships and a perfect college. All you have to do is to create an account on Scholly, enter your information, location, and other relevant information, and you are all set to search scholarships and colleges according to your needs. Whereas, unlike other websites, it’s not free for anyone.

Scholarships provide access to up to $19 billion worth of grants and Indian scholarships in India in their database, ready for you to find and use towards your college education. On this website, you can search for art, athletics, GPA, minority, music, state, and much more. The website also provides multiple resources for students from college application checklists and timelines to standout college scholarship essays. You also get to seek information about colleges such as tuition, programs, admission requirements, and more!



This website has a whooping database of $10 billion worth of many aid opportunities. You can search by fellowship, grant, and even by forgivable loan whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate. It’s like a one-stop destination for you to give your wings!


College Board

The College Board is one of the best scholarship websites to expand access to higher education. The website aims to serve students in the field of higher education and helps students to find colleges and ways to pay for the college. The website provides relevant information on more than $6billion in financial aid, scholarships, and internships.

The simple fact why makes the best college scholarships websites. That doesn’t let you create an account or fill out long detailed forms to start using it. Instead, it allows you to immediately find scholarship opportunities and work through the whole application process. You can also find loan opportunities and grants on college scholarships, without providing your personal information.


Scholarship Owl

One of the most amazing Indian scholarships websites where users can access the scholarship matches at no cost to them. However, if you want more features, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium service. The website helps the user to apply, hire a proofreader, tailor their essays to make sure things look perfect and professional.


Choose An Ideal Scholarship Website & Make Way For Your Funding!


Every child dreams to study in a prestigious institution but sometimes, high expenses hinder your career. And that’s why we have come to the rescue! Now that you have the correct resources you need to help fund your education. So, choose the best scholarship website that’ll help you grab the right funding.