Top 5 Scholarships for Indian Students

A common observation is that students and parents are unaware of the types of scholarships for Indian students available across the country. There are several scholarship programs available for school students, catering to their educational and financial aid needs. Also, there is comparatively less information about monthly scholarships for K-12 Indian students. There is a need to spread information about the types of scholarships available for Indian students. The Internet facilitates scholarship application process by allowing students to apply for scholarships online. It is beneficial in numerous ways as not many students or parents are aware of the various types of monthly and annual scholarships in India. 

When considering monthly scholarships for Indian students, one can conclude that they play a vital role for promoting education. Monthly scholarships in India can help needy students fulfill their daily learning material requirements. It can include books, bags, school dress and other stationery items. Such scholarships are available for everyone and have a hassle-free scholarship application process. Students can easily apply for monthly scholarships online without having to step out of their homes. Auro Scholar is one such monthly scholarship where students can get micro-scholarships up to INR 1000 every month by taking 10-minutes assessment-based quizzes. 

Now let’s take a look at the top 5 scholarships for Indian students.

1. National Means cum Merit Scholarships

The Department of School Education and Literacy offers this scholarship for Indian students studying in Class 9. National Means cum Merit Scholarship gives recognition to the meritorious students belonging to low income families. The income criteria requires an annual income of less than 1.50 lakhs. Students scoring at least 55% in Class 8 are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The Department of School Education and Literacy disburses an amount of Rs. 12,000 per annum to the deserving students. In essence, this scholarship for Indian students is a great way of supporting students hailing from economically backward sections. Also, it is an effective way to promote equality of opportunities for Indian students. 

2. NSDL Shiksha Sahyog Scholarship

Several school students struggle to continue their education in India. They face numerous challenges due to poor financial conditions. The biggest challenge is that of continuing education after Class 12. Maximum number of school dropouts occur at this time. The NDSL Shiksha Sahyog Scholarship aims to prevent dropouts with a financial assistance of Rs. 5000 to Class 10 students scoring 60% or above. This scholarship is available to all needy students irrespective of their economic status. That is what makes this scholarship the most popular amongst the senior school students.

3. Auro Scholar Micro-Scholarships

Scholarships in India are available to all the school students. The mode of application may differ but the benefits remain the same. Online scholarships applications save time and are a much better option in comparison to the offline scholarship application process. Also, with new developments in the teaching-learning methods, a new concept of scholarships with the name of ‘micro-scholarships’ is emerging.

Auro Scholar is a monthly micro-scholarships programme offering Rs. 1000 as micro-scholarships to school students. The students have to download the mobile application and take 10-minutes assessment quizzes. Any student can take the quizzes and get micro-scholarships while learning and improving. 

4. CBSE Merit Scholarship for Single Girl Child

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) runs a merit scholarship programme in India to support girls’ education. CBSE Merit Scholarship is mainly available to single girl children to continue their education after Grade 10. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship requires that the girl secures at least 60% marks in Class10. Along with this, other specifications require school affiliation with CBSE with a tuition fee above Rs.1500/month. Also, with the need for women education and empowerment, this scholarship proves to be of great importance. It helps uplift the girl children and encourage them to pursue further studies. 

5. Pre-Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities

India is a secular state. Even then, several communities remain on the periphery of society. The communities also include religious minorities including, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, and like. Such communities often face denial of rights and opportunities. Educational rights are also not fully available to them on the ground level. Therefore, the government offers several scholarships to uplift the students belonging to minority communities. The Pre-Merit Scholarships Scheme for Minorities offers scholarships to such minority students. The eligibility criteria include a score of a minimum of 50% and a family income of Rs.1,00,000/annum.