Scholarships for Indian Students

Importance of Scholarships for Indian Students


Scholarships in India are synonymous with a mindset that believes that scholarships are meant for those students who are exceptionally intelligent. There are still very few people in India who are aware of scholarships that promote a particular talent, sport, or for those who are financially less privileged. We all have been witnesses to incidents in our society where elders motivate children to earn scholarships that can fund their education fees. Scholarships are considered as big achievements for any student and we too believe in the same. These rewards that are financial aids build the self-confidence of the students and allow them to continue their higher education in the future. Here’s why scholarships are so important for students in India.

1) Quality Education is Expensive – We all know that studying in a reputed institution costs a bomb and that is why quality education is believed to be out of reach of the weaker sections of society. It is needless to say that several reforms, initiatives, and policies are being implemented by the education department to upscale the quality of education for one and all. But the ground reality is that quality education in India is very expensive and the scholarships come as a shower of respite for those who want to continue/ pursue their education or choice of academic courses. 

2) Scholarships Help to Impact National Development – The right opportunities pave way for an individual’s growth and the same happens with students when they earn a scholarship. Opportunity to study according to students’ choices facilitates better engagement and leads to increased learning outcomes which help to create greater interest in the subjects. When students take a keen interest in their studies, there is a greater possibility for achieving excellence. Thus, scholarships also inspire students to get a direction in their lives and think in the favour of national development. Research suggests that scholarship winners develop a bent towards national development and national service. Therefore, Scholarships in India can be an ideal way to boost the pace of national development.

3) Scholarships Helps in Pursuing Students’ Dream Course – One of the important reasons for the need for scholarships for Indian students is that the scholarships help students to pursue their dream career or study a course of their choice. Lack of adequate funds to take admission in a choice of college, family pressure to study a particular subject, or other reasons become roadblocks that refrain the students from pursuing their dream course. If a student earns a scholarship, it becomes blessings in disguise and helps them in pursuing their choice of course and convert their dreams into reality. 

4) Scholarships = Increased Self-Confidence & Motivation – A small medal, appreciation certificate, or any trophy from the school triggers the motivational level of students and inspires them to reach bigger heights. Imagine, how positively would a scholarship impact a student’s personality and mind. Scholarships in India are not mere financial bits of help but they are a hidden box full of self-confidence, motivation, and appreciation. Earning a scholarship is definitely not a cakewalk and hence brings along a lot of appreciation from society. The student who earns it is looked upon as a role model for other students in the neighboring or distant area or her/ his family. Appreciation and accolades are synonymous with increased self-confidence which helps groom the student’s personality. A self-confident, motivated student strives to put the best foot forward in his/ her every endeavor. 

Keeping in mind the fact that in India, the majority of students study in government schools, where initiatives are still being taken to improve the education standard, the confidence level of these students still needs a boost. Scholarships or micro scholarships act as stimulus that that keep the motivational level high and create better learners and successful individuals in their latter carrier. 

5) Need for Competency-based Learning - The objective of education is to promote competency-based learning and increasing the competitive spirit with oneself. Educationists and psychologists always suggest and advocate the principle of having no competition with peers.  

For Indian students, there is a dire need for a scholarship that focuses more on making students life-long learners and increasing their learning outcomes.  At present, the majority of scholarships or online scholarships for students in India merely focus on helping deserving students get financial aids to pursue their career choice. Programs like Auro Scholarships is the perfect scholarship initiative by Sri Aurobindo Society that fits in the category of scholarships that emphasizes turning students into life-long learners and improving their competency-based learning. It is the world’s first monthly micro-scholarship programme only for Indian students from Grade 6 to 12. Students are motivated towards taking online assessments of ten minutes to get a chance to earn a scholarship of up to INR 1000 every month on achieving good performance. The test for this online scholarship is a curriculum-aligned assessment that can be taken by students on a mobile phone. This unique concept of offering Micro-Scholarships to school students of India is unmatched and is sure to create a huge impact on the learning outcomes of the Indian students.

6) Soaring Rates of Academic Loans – We all have heard the ordeals of parents and students who struggle to pay back their academic loans. Almost every aspiring student ends up taking academic loans that high-interest rates. Frankly, these study loan rates have been rising every year making education all the more expensive. Sometimes, the students get good placements in top-notch companies and happily pay back their educational loans. But in a majority of cases, the students turned professionals struggle for years and years to make the payment of their study loans. Unfortunately, there are countless cases where families mortgage their properties to either sent their ward for higher studies or to pay off the academic loans. Scholarships for such Indian students can be a life-changer who need not worry about paying off the loan later and allows them to concentrate on their studies.